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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jamiaets Global Iftar cum Dinner on 24.06.16 in Dubai, UAE

Jamiaets Global- Iftar cum dinner 24.06.16

During an iftar cum dinner program hosted by Jamiaets Global- An Alumni forum of Jamia millia islamia on 24th June 2016 at Dubai Grand Hotel-Dubai, JG has announce the launch of Alumni web portal powered by AlmaConnect the largest alumni based service provider in south east Asia.
Jamiaets Global, the first overseas Alumni Forum of Jamia Millia Islamia was formed in 1994 has started many initiatives for the benefits of Alma mater to its fold.
It flourished and successfully brought alumni together and encouraged alumni worldwide to initiate local chapters.
The current unique initiatives of web portal part of JG’s commitment to create a platform to knit not only JMI alumni but faculties & students of Jamia Millia Islamia in one go.
The web portal has following main features for the benefit of JMI alumni,
• Maintain & download of alumni database.
• Options for alumni, faculty & students to sign up.
• Invitation system to become member.
• Identity verification during sign up through Linkedin & Facebook.
• Profile Management of Alumni/ Faculty.
• User Directory (Browse/Search feature).
• Sharing of Information between alumni, faculties & University.
• Commenting, like and other basic social networking options available.
• Events: An event can be created and invitations can be sent.
• Private Message: A user can send / receive private message.
• Groups feature available for academic/ knowledge sharing & mentorship purpose.
• Memories: Collaboration of pictures. People can request other and upload pictures of events that happened during college in the past.
• Employment: The portal will connect employers & jobseekers, all JMI alumni together.
• Newsletter.
The initiative of web portal has backing of many senior jamiaets and Prof. Talat Ahmad, vice chancellor of JMI, excerpts of his message was,

The program was attended by more than 200 alumni (Engineers, Businessman, sales & marketing professionals, Architects etc) with their families & they were delighted to meet & interact with fellow jamiaets.
As continuous efforts of JG towards education of less fortunate back home, An appeal was made to come forward & join hands with EDUCAID (the organization works to provide education to financially weaker section of society).
The core committee & founding members of Jamiaets Global, Zubair Irshad, Zakir Ataur Rehman, Gheyasuddin Azmi & Muzaffar Ali beg greeted the gathering and talk about many initiative that JG has to take for the Jamiaets in the region & worldwide.
Following are the moments captured. Screen shot of launched web portal
 www.jmiAlmaConnect. com


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Restoration of Talimi Mela-online petition

To, 28.11.10
Mr.Najeeb Jung
Vice chancellor
Jamia Millia Islamia

Subject: Restoration of Talimi Mela

Sir, we are Jamia Alumni who have spent a considerable part of our life at Jamia Millia Islamia and some of us were associated with the students movement during our stay at Jamia. Having seen Jamia through its various trials and tribulations, we remain ever committed to the development of a vibrant academic environment in the Jamia, yet at the same time, maintaining its unique traditions and culture.

Sir, as might be aware, Jamia Millia Islamia, since its birth, has been an institution with a difference. It is not just an educational institution but also a movement. It is probably one of the few universities, where students are admitted in kindergarten and can continue in this institution till their PhD, the highest academic degree thereby creating a unique Indian personality. In short, it does not just impart bookish education; rather it teaches a way of life. From its inception during Khilafat movement, Jamia has indeed come a long way over the years, to become a world renowned university. However, it is important that some important traditions are not forgotten.

When Jamia was born, there were a small group of people associated with Jamia. There was great bonding between them, and they all lived as part of one large family, all were part of one "Jamia Biradari." Among various program and activities, Talimi Mela has been one of the important events that strengthened the concept of “Jamia biradri” (Jamia family). Over the years the number of people living in Jamia has increased several times, but "Talimi Mela" is perhaps the only institution which still promotes the concept of "Jamia Biradar where students from all faculties and departments come together. Not just students, but even faculty members, non-teaching staffs, alumni, all converge on one platform to promote a "Pan Jamia" feeling of bondness, of unity, that we all belong to this great institution. In fact, Talimi Mela has gained a status of a religious festival for Jamia Millia Islamia, a festival that always brings a lot of happiness, fun, knowledge sharing, competitions, symposium, seminars and gathering of lost friends. This apart, organizing the "Talimi Mela" is an amazing learning experience for students who participate in it or help organize it. This experience helps them later on in life while taking on challenges in different facets of life.

Sir, we are saddened and shocked to know that you had scrapped the Talimi Mela on the occasion of 90th Yaume Tasees (foundation day) of Jamia Millia Islamia. Since no plausible explanation for the cancellation of Talimi Mela has come forward from your end, the feelings of a large section of Jamaeis have been hurt and they feel cheated.

We would respect and sincerely appreciate constructive steps that you take in line with the vision of previous vice chancellors beginning from the architect of modern Jamia, late Anwar Jamal Kidwai. We believe with your experience and guidance, Jamia will scale new heights in the years to come. Sir, we believe that on a group of theories one can found a school; but on a group of values one can found a culture, a civilization, a new way of living together among men. Jamia is one such institution that has its unique values, culture and a way of life and the potential to emerge as a world leader. Sir, please protect it and strengthen it.


For the reasons mentioned above, we, the undersigned, request you to consider the following:

1. Restore "Talimi Mela" at the earliest; and

2. Ensure transparency and accountability in decision making.


Ghizal Mahdi. Javed Ali khan, Mohammed Rizwan, Zubair Irshad

Monday, May 10, 2010

Interest Free Loan (student scholarship)


Dear All,

Patna: Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah has invited applications for scholarship cum interest-free education loan from meritorious but financially needy Indian Muslim students to help them to pursue professional courses such as Medical and Engineering.

This loan is for those students who have taken admission or intend to in academic year 2010-2011 in the first year of any degree courses of Medicine and Engineering including Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurvedic, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Food Technology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law.

To get this loan it is necessary that aspirants should have obtained 60% marks in English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics in 10th class examination.

The applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee and selected ones will be provided with the cost of living, clothing, books, tuition fees and medical expenses during the courses.

It is to be noted here that as it is an interest-free loan, recipients, therefore, will have to refund the amounts in easy installments after they settle down in profession. So that others can get benefit to enjoy the same educational opportunity.

Islamic Development Bank started this program in 1983 to promote professional education among Muslim community in various countries including India . In India this program is operated and monitored through Delhi based NGO Students Islamic Trust (SIT). So far 1163 students completed their courses and settled down in their professions with the help IDB loan. At present there are 645 students who are getting benefits from it and pursuing professional studies.

Talking to TwoCircles.net from Delhi , Mohammad Saifullah Rizwan, Executive Secretary of SIT, said: “It is a golden opportunity for the talented Muslim students who are unable to do professional courses due to financial problem. The students who passed matriculation with minimum 60% marks and have desire to go in professional fields should get benefit from this program.”

On number of students who will be selected this year he said: “We will select 250 students through interview. The Selection committee formed for this purpose will interview the applicants in almost all the states, then we will issue the list of selected students.”

Asked about amount that will be given to the selected students he told: “Each student of Medical is given Rs.45000/ and student of Engineering is given Rs. 40000/ per month till they complete the courses.

“They will have to return the amounts they receive from IDB after the completion of courses or after they get settlement in their profession so that it can pave the way for other students belonging to the same category and who want to do similar courses” he added.

The last date for submission of application is 25th August 2010. Application forms can be downloaded from SIT website http://www.sit- india.org/ scholarship. html or it can be obtained from SIT office.


Mohammad Saifullah Rizwan

Executive Secretary

The Student Islamic Trust

Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar

New Delhi-110025

Contact: 91-9990630127, 91-11-26941028





Monday, January 11, 2010

EGO, The resident Evil

We often listen this word from different people in our contact but seldom try to find out in our self whether we have possession of it or not?

There might be many thesis written on the subject explaining what it is, how it begun & way to get rid of it.

I have seen a small child who smile & do many things which makes parents happy at the stage when he/she doesn't know the art of talking.

Walk through street, in a car or in a supermarket where a passerby kid look at you & smile...as a result without knowing who that kid is, you too throw a smile in return.
The life seems to be simple & easy if that continues for ever.

It never happens & we found many other happenings round us in different ways.

Few big countries puts embargo on one country.

One big country invades smaller country.

They call it "for the peace of the whole world" or part of their foreign policy.

Few states in a country do not agree with each other on many issues, they contradict each other at different level & try to show their supremacy at each other by various means.

They call it their right & privilege as they contribute major share in the development of the country.

A state has different policy & treatment to various districts/towns under its flagship.

It may happen because there is powerful representation of influential people in law making & implementation from a particular area.

In a Village or place, few powerful always try to crush poor, or at least demonstrate their muscle power whenever required.

They even dont like each other & village is further divided in many small units.

It happens because they want to be known & recognize among a specific group or community.

In a group or community, there are people with different ideas & opinion, they all try to prove their point without even listening to others.

They call it brilliancy, smartness whatever.

In a house, there are few people among the family..they also differ on various family issues & try to overcome each other as & when possible.

We call it self freedom, liberal family etc etc.

In a single human, the heart says something & mind says another.

We ourselves call it conflict of heart & mind!

Now, where is ego?

Actually nobody in the world accept ego in its small three letter shape & real perception.

We do accept it in different ways as Foreign policy, smartness, cleverness, extremism, terrorism, self respect etc etc.

According to me all above can be classified into ego, less or more, but they all synonyms of ego.

An ego, that plays very important role in our life, our social circle, present situation of country & world and the future is fully depend on what is our present.

To talk & discuss about countries it may be a debatable subject however, if we concentrate on individual it may lead us to somewhere because it is ultimately individual who form the group, societies, countries & world.

A person cant be complete without intelligence & emotion he/she carries.

Sometimes intelligence governs a person's emotions & on other hand emotions placed him/her on the top of intelligence.

to take possession of something may be an emotional approach, however to get there requires intelligence.

The process between inception & achievement may bring ego somewhere knowingly & unknowingly.

If one goes to define what ego is, it may take long time with arguments & counter arguments to pin point it because ego for one's perception may not be an ego for other.

It vary's between person to person that how he behaves, perceives & function to prove or to achieve something.

For example, food is required to suppress hunger, clothes required to cover & ceiling is required to shelter.

The basic requirement of a person to live are above three, however, there are unlimited categories within all three basic amenities.

A poor person goes out, do some work to earn his bread is the least can be done to fulfil the first requirement to live but how he earn?

Performing a paid task to get bread, cloth & substantial amount for a ceiling is a base but to continuously doing the same or to achieve more requires intelligence, hard work etc.

The moment we talk about hard work & intelligence, the competition comes in picture.

Either one has to perform continuously or he has to perform better than others to get elevated or at least retain his current position.

It cant be so difficult, but somehow a fear factor comes that force mind to think of loosing what you posses at the moment.

We then forget to go in a normal course & start using our mind to tackle the fear factor.

That fear factor motivates many to take certain steps to keep the current position intact.

Those few steps to protect self may indeed hurt some one knowingly or unknowingly.

If unknowingly, it may be an egoistic behavior for the one affected however if done purposely then it comes under premeditated measures to prove one's point by rejecting some one.

Ego is nothing but a behavior that is inbuilt within human brain but utilization of it vary from person to person.

To take possession or loose possession, to prove oneself or to disapprove someone, to agree or not to agree, to be I or not to be are few examples from the basket of daily life that cater ego.

In general sense, we cant get rid of ego completely because this is the necessity of the day, however this necessity have tremendous side effects that we observe within ourselves, society, community, country & world.

We cant imagine fortune, a day to day life without being associated with current world therefore this way or another we become party in todays EGOISTIC world.

It might seem to be impossible to get rid of this miraculous self destructive word completely but it can be minimized to an extent so that destruction of a human being can be prolonged.

We have to compromise & fight with our desires to minimize its effects, also if at all we can go near to Mother Nature that teaches us to take only what is necessary.

Take what is really required & give back what you can if possible is the only way out from this resident evil.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thought of the day

Iam trying to aggregate few scatterred thoughts which might take some time because there are things happening very quickly to me & around.
However, the thought of the daty can be explained in following sheR

Jaam-e- mae tauba shikan, tauba meri jaam shikan
Saamne dheR haiN toote huye paimano ke

Just wait for......................

Sunday, December 13, 2009

JMI foundation day in Dubai, hosted by JMIOBA-UAE chapter in 2009

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Jamia Millia Islamia foundation day in UAE

Press release Jamia Millia Islamia Foundation day in UAE on 10.12.2009

Jamia Millia Islamia old boys association hosted JMI foundation day in UAE on 10th December 2009 at Ramada Continental Hotel, Abu Hail, Dubai.

The function started little late than of its scheduled time due to Thursday & traffic congestion on roads leading Ramada being at strategic location.

The comparer Saquib khan & his wife Sadiqah (both are jamiaets) started the program by welcoming jamiaets & greet them on the occasion.

Mr.Zubair Irshad was invited first on stage as representative JMIOBA in UAE & founder of JMIOBA-UAE chapter, followed by a senior jamiaet Mr.Shamsuddin tabrez usmani to preside the function.

Mr.Mohammed Shahid, a businessman & an admirer of jamia alongwith Dr.Wasim Ahmed, Head of Islamic studies, Preston University,Ajman were next to take their place at stage as guest of honor.

The program started with recitation of Quran by Mohammed Itrat, Nice naat by Sadiqah , jamia ka tarana followed by welcome speech of Mr.Intekhab Alam, VP-IT & media committee.

Mr.Intekhab Alam welcomes jamiaets in packed banquet hall in the presence of 220-225 people & briefed the formation of JMIOBA-UAE chapter, its journey since its inception in July 2008.

Despite of Financial crisis groped the world JMIOBA-UAE chapter still survived to hold First Iftar for a cause to support Flood affected people in Bihar & contributed a sizeable amount of Rs.1 lac

This year (2009) association hosted Iftar party that received the good response from jamiaets.

He praises Mr.Javed Alam-President JMIOBA-Delhi for his support & Mr.Zubair Irshad for his contributions in running the association.

He also conveyed his thanks to Mr.Tabrez Usmani for being so nice and always available for the help of jamiaets, Dr.Waseem Ahmed to attend function & Mr.Mohammed Shahid for his continual support.

The comparer then invited Mr.Zubair Irshad to share Jamia Alumni in UAE Kal, Aaj aur kal (Past, present & future).

Mr.Zubair briefly explains JMI's birth, the role of its founders, the values inherited by JMI.

He switches to history of Jamiaets in UAE since 1994, how he & few others started celebrating JMI foundation day in UAE till 1998 before uniting many others to host JMI official function in 1999.

Ups & down during the period, crisis of alumni association, its closure in 2008, Efforts of reuniting jamiaets in 2008, Support of JMIOBA-Delhi, birth of JMIOBA-UAE chapter, its founders & formation members.

He further call upon stage Abdullah Hasan, ex-senior VP, Intekhab Alam-VP, IT & media, Nadeem zaidi-VP networking (not present at that moment), Mohammed Asif-IT & media committee & Nadeem hasan-VP, resource (newly inducted) for their introduction.

He also mentioned the name of members involved in formation of JMIOBA-UAE chapter.

He emphasize on unity & to solve any disagreement by talk with a view to keep the values of JMI intact & very purpose of such association, he invited jamiaets to volunteer day to day affair & contribute their time for the progress of association in organizing more fruitful events in future.

He requested all jamiaets to stop entertaining few individuals spreading rumors & trying to sabotage efforts made by association by their negative behavior.

He informed jamiaets that DSW, JMI Mr.Zubair Meenai & JMIOBA,President Mr.Javed alam was all set to attend the function but couldn't come at the last moment due to some urgent works back in JMI.

Mr.Zubair Irshad shares the congratulation messages sent by jamiaets from different regions to JMIOBA-UAE chapter.

He also conveyed the message of Javed Alam, President-JMIOBA "Congratulations to JMIOBA-UAE chapter on organizing such event & wish you all good luck"

After Mr.Zubair's speech, A ghazal was sung by Rashid before inviting Dr.Waseem Ahmed to podium.

Dr.Waseem, showed his love towards JMI & praises the efforts of founders of JMI, he emphasize on education & unity.

Mr.Shamsuddin Tabrez Usmani conveyed his best wishes to the committee & jamiaets to organize such gathering, He also stress on uniting the people & to help those who are in desperate need.

He has given an example that we do remember & talk about Maulana ki canteen but we must think to assist those who are financially weak like maulana.

Abdullah Hasan presented the mementos, Mementos for VC-JMI, DSW-JMI & president of JMIOBA was received by Zubair.

Saquib & sadiqah invited Nadeem hasan to start entertainment program that includes magic show, housie, painting for kids etc.

The essence of the program that has been conveyed by many jamiaets was "it was wonderful & we feel important to be part of this program as it was like JAMIA FAMILY".

All attendees enjoyed nice dinner although a bit late & disperse on a note to meet again to revive jamia in this part of the world.

Following are few messages received from jamiaets across the globe.

1)Zubair Meenai (DSW-JMI)

Dear Zubair
I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. Actually i was asked to keep my trip on hold because we are planning for a visit by XXX to the university probably during 11-13 December 2009. I am responsible for managing most affairs and thus i would not be able to come to Dubai, to be with you all during your celebrations. I was all ready to come and it would have given me an opportunity to touch base with you and other friends as well.

best wishes to you and the team and may you have a wonderful programme. Please send me a report and photographs of the event.
Khuda Hafiz
Zubair Meenai

2)Ghizal Mahdi (A senior jamiaet & One of the founder JMIAA-Riyadh)

My dear Zubair Irshad

Thanks for your invitation to attend Jamia Foundation Day in UAE on 10 Dec 2009. I have a keen desire to share these happy moments with you and other Jamiaites there. However, the circumstances don't allow me to travel. Yet my heart beats with you and other Jamiaites.

On this occasion, I would like to express my full solidarity with the UAE-Chapter of Jamia "Old Boys" and extend my heartiest congratulations to you and your team for re-organizing the Jamiaites under one banner. I also wish you success in your collective efforts to foster the values of the JMI founders among the new generation. We should not forget that we are passing through a very critical era of globalization and consumerism which is bent upon smashing, shattering and destroying mercilessly every thing old under the pretext of development. The situation demands us to be extra vigilant and to strengthen our bonds of brotherhood and friendship. This also demands us to mobilize, and pool our resources intelligently, skillfully for their optimum use in constructive programs. Not to mention that the cruelty of the era demands us to play an active and effective role in the society for the uplift of the underprivileged. The sole aim of the founders of the Jamia was to uplift those who lagged behind in the society for various reasons! I think the best way to pay tribute to the founders and carry forward their mission is to serve those who are more neglected in the society; no matter they belong to this cast or that religion, this region or that region.

One important thing, I would also like to mention that unity in the ranks and files of the Jamiaites is the key to our success and enhancement of our prestige as Jamiaites in our surroundings and across the globe. We must learn from our experience that how a handful people in our organizations tried to sabotage and derail the democratic process to maintain their hegemony, highhandedness and one-man show. This has caused damage to the growth and expansion of the organizations, and has demoralized some Jamiaites. However, in order to minimize this damage, we should further strengthen and consolidate the democratic process within the organization. This process will rebuff such negative attempts, and will forge a cemented unity in the ranks and files of the Jamiaites to move forward.

Also convey my greetings to the Jamiaites on holding the Jamia Foundation Day on such a grand level; in fact participation in this kind of ceremonies reminds every Jamiaite of his/her student days, classmates, student leaders and teachers and non-teaching staff. Rather these ceremonies take us to the beloved Campus, Maulana/Castro canteen, library, D and the destroyed Store from where we started our first step to reach the current stage.

Long Live UAE-Chapter of Jamia "Old Boys", Long Live Jamiaites' Unity

Best regards

Ghizal Mahdi

Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association, Riyadh Chapter

"A Jamia Campus across the Sea"

3)Hasan Mehdi From New Zealand

Dear Irshad Bhai,

Wale kum Salam,

Thanks for the invitation and would like this opportunity to congratulate you and all the association members on this memorable day in the life of Jamiates.

Take care and Khuda Hafiz,

Hasan Mehdi

4)Rizwan Ali from USA

As great as learning and intellectual growth are, we looked forward to graduation, counting up credit requirements and counting down to the day when we will finally be able to move on from this long process called education. But even after 12 years of school, four of college and the likely prospect of graduate school is just getting started. We entered a world in which lifelong learning becomes not only a need of every individual, but the responsibility of a democratic society to provide it. It's a world in which the pace of knowledge continues to accelerate and where we are one paycheck away from the unemployment, unless we are willing to continue to prove our skills. Institutions like Jamia Millia Islamia which are big, powerful organizations that have lasted a very long time has provided each and every student with tools and ability to develop and enhance those skills. The ultimate responsibility of a student is to the institution, and through that, to the various constituencies that it serves — students, states, the nation and the world. I am so proud to see that Jamia Old Boys Association (UAE chapter) is fulfilling that responsibility by carrying out the message and the values of Jamia Millia Islamia hundreds of miles away from its physical campus. I congratulate each and every one of you for your hard work organizing celebration of foundation day of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Sincere best wishes,

Rizwan Ali

5)Mohammad Muneeb (Convenor-Interim body JMIAA-Riyadh Chapter)

Dear mr. Zubair,

Thank you very much for the invitation. Congratulations and all the best for the occasion. God bless jamiates and Jamia.


Mohammad Muneeb

Branch Manager , Riyadh

6)Ghayas Uddin (JMIAA Riyadh)

Dear Zubair Bhai

Assalamu Alaikum

Thanks for your kind invitation to attend the JMI foundation day on Dec. 10, 2009 in Dubai.

My best wishes for all Jamiaites in Dubai. I hope to attend your functions but if not possible now then Inshallah in future.

Best regards,

Ghayas Uddin


7) kamal parvez (A senior Jamiaet-New Delhi)

Dear Zubair, W.salam

Thank you very much for the invitation for the Jamia Foundation Day celebration that the UAE Chapter of JMI Old Boys Association is observing on 10th December 2009. We may not be physically present on this occasion but our hearts are always with each and every celebration that you people organise to promote Jamia and the cause of its founding fathers outside the country. Please accept our best wishes for the event. I would also like you people to kindly remember and pay homage on this occasion to all those who have left us in last one year, but their association with Jamia was such that one cannot imagine Jamia without them. I mean people like Ikram Sahib, Naseer Bhai etc.

Convey my Dua to you family.

Kamal Parvez)

Zubair Irshad

Bsc.Engg (civil), 1991.

Contact: +971-50-4614522

Email: zubi1@eim.ae

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Monday, December 7, 2009

JMI foundation day in UAE

JMI foundation day is scheduled on 10.12.09 at Ramada continental hotel, Deira Dubai at 7.30PM.
The event is organised by JMIOBA-UAE chapter.
All are requested to attend.